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Convey Property to the City

Overview – Conveyance of Property to City

A landowner must often provide the City with certain rights, up to and including fee simple title, in order for a development project to be approved or to obtain access to City services.  The Unified Development Code identifies when easements or fee simple must be provided to the City, as well as guidance on the type, size, and timing of conveyance.  City policies identify the procedure for conveying those rights into the City.  The above link summarizes those policies and provides detailed information on the process and requirements for conveyance of title.

Overview – Dedication of Critical Infrastructure

In the course of development, a project will often require the construction and dedication of certain critical infrastructure necessary to serve the project and the surrounding community.  Such critical infrastructure includes parkland, fire station sites, electrical substations, water towers, pump stations, lift stations, etc.  Because these pieces of infrastructure are vital to the long-term, well-being of the City and its residents, the property on which they will sit must be conveyed to the City via deed, as fee simple.  The above link provides more information on the process for doing so.

Overview – Eminent Domain Process

Under the Texas Constitution, the City of Georgetown has the authority to acquire property and property rights needed for a public purpose through the power of eminent domain.  The City takes the exercise of this authority very seriously and recognizes it must be used responsibly, to provide for the needs of the public while protecting the rights of landowners.  Recent projects completed through the use of eminent domain include:

• Mays St. extension, from Bass Pro Dr. to Westinghouse Rd.
• Southwest Bypass, from I-35 to Wolf Ranch Parkway (to be extended to SH 29)
• Sam Houston Parkway, from SE Inner Loop to Patriot Way
• Rivery Blvd. extension, from Williams Dr. to Northwest Blvd.
• Northwest Boulevard Bridge and connection to FM 971
• Berry Creek Wastewater Interceptor (in progress)

If the City, or an entity on behalf of the City, contacts you regarding an acquisition under its eminent domain authority, there is a well-defined process in State law that must be followed.  The City utilizes specially trained City staff and contractors to ensure that this process is followed appropriately.  To understand your rights should an entity initiate such an acquisition from your property, please click here to read the Texas Landowner Bill of Rights.

Required Forms for Conveyance of Property to the City

Easement or Land Dedication Info Form

Lienholder Consent and Subordination Form

Sample Forms:

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