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Temporary License: Downtown Seating & Retail

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made necessary various restrictions, including social distancing requirements, which have reduced the capacity of businesses.  Businesses in the City’s Downtown face special difficulty in that the densely developed nature of the Downtown leaves few alternatives for businesses to increase their capacity.  Therefore, the City Council of the City of Georgetown has directed the City Staff to develop a temporary license program for the use of on street parking in the Downtown by area businesses.

These licenses will allow businesses to extend their premises into the areas licensed in order to support businesses in their efforts to move forward through this event and comply with the requirements necessary to ensure the public health and safety of Georgetown residents and visitors.

Important documentation is provided below.  This includes a guide on the process.  It is highly recommended that applicants read through the guide before proceeding so that they understand the process as well as requirements of using a licensed area.

To submit your application, please follow the instructions in the Application Checklist.

Important Documentation

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