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Downtown context, codes, and plans

The three buildings that are for sale—101 E. Seventh St. (Municipal Court and Council Chambers), 113 E. Eighth St. (City Hall), and 103 W. Seventh St. (Georgetown Visitors Center)—are located in downtown Georgetown in the Downtown Overlay District, which is the 40-block historic downtown area. The development of properties and buildings in the Downtown Overlay District is governed by the City of Georgetown Unified Development Code as well as the Downtown Design Guidelines. The Historic and Architectural Review Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding plans for new construction or the restoration, alteration, or maintenance of buildings in the Downtown Overlay District with respect to compliance with the Downtown Design Guidelines.

All three properties also are located in the Williamson County Courthouse Historic District, which is the commercial district around the Williamson County Courthouse.

Georgetown Cultural District

The three properties also are in the Georgetown Cultural District, which is a state-designated cultural district which is encompassed by the Downtown Overlay District. The Cultural District includes a variety of art galleries, wineries, public art exhibits, performance venues and theaters, live music venues, restaurants, and more.

Downtown Master Plan

Development in the downtown area is guided by the Downtown Master Plan, which was adopted in 2003 and updated in 2014. The Downtown Master Plan provides a framework for development and redevelopment in the downtown area in order to maintain the historic character of the downtown area and facilitate private and public investments.

Retail Strategy and Recruitment Plan

The City of Georgetown completed a Retail Strategy and Recruitment Plan in 2017 that serves as a study to help with the recruitment and retention of retail businesses in Georgetown. The Plan includes a retail market assessment for Georgetown as well as information on the primary and secondary retail trade areas for Georgetown and a list of potential retail targets that align with the city’s market characteristics.

Downtown Assessment

The Downtown Assessment is one section of the Retail Strategy and Recruitment Plan focused on the retail environment in downtown Georgetown. The Downtown Assessment includes feedback from downtown stakeholders, the existing tenant mix, merchandising themes, and recommendations.

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