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The City may hold certain interests in property, including roadway rights of way or utility easements, which are no longer necessary, or which interfere with planned use of the property.  The City maintains a program for the review of such situations, and potential elimination of the City’s rights under certain circumstances.  The City’s process is outlined in Chapter 12.10 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances.

Abandonment Application

Any applicant seeking abandonment of easement or right of way may submit a request for an informal review to the City’s Real Estate Group.  This request should include the property address, owner name, the interest the requestor is seeking to have abandoned, and a graphical representation (and document conveying the interest, if possible).  An informal request  may be made via email to the Real Estate team at  Please begin in the subject heading with “Abandonment Request”.  The department will research the request, and respond the likelihood for staff support of a request to abandon in the interest within 30 days of the receipt of the request.   The requesting party may then decide if they wish to proceed with a formal application.  This process is designed to provide the applicant with some additional information without incurring the costs that come with a formal application.  Any determination rendered in an informal review is not definitive.  Additional information found during the formal application review may reverse any staff response to an informal review request.

Upon a formal submittal of an abandonment request, utilizing the City’s standard application, staff will undertake and complete an investigation and provide a recommendation. The fee for the formal application is $300, and is nonrefundable.  The form may and submitted in person or via mail/overnight delivery to the Real Estate group with a check payable to the City of Georgetown for the application fee above.  If the applicant wishes to complete the process, staff will forward the matter to the appropriate City Council meeting for the Council’s determination.  All decisions by Council are considered final.  If the Council approves the abandonment, the appropriate documentation will be issued to the applicant for filing with the County Clerk’s office.

Depending on the particulars of the abandonment request, the applicant may be required to pay for an appraisal, purchase the rights to be released/abandoned, etc.  Any costs required to replat the property, obtain necessary surveys, or further the abandonment request in any way are the responsibility of the applicant.

Most abandonment applications take 60-90 days from time of submittal of a complete application to completion.  However, each abandonment is unique and these timelines are not guaranteed.

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